on vulnerability

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine. Somehow the word vulnerability came up. It was probably me who mentioned that ridiculous word. I proceeded to say, “I hate vulnerability. It makes me want to barf in my mouth." Her response, “Me too.” As we laughed about our... Continue Reading →

lean into ritual

I went to bed with tightness in my chest and worry on my mind. I woke up this morning with ease and a lingering unsettledness in my gut. I took my time this morning, moving slowly and giving myself time to fully wake before beginning my day. As the morning moved on, the lingering feeling... Continue Reading →

a new year’s blessing

may this year bring you ease, joy unspeakable, and belly-aching-laughter.  i pray you encounter the types of relationships that invite your soul to crawl out from its hiding place and into the warmth of nurturing and nourishing friendships.  may this year bring you love that seeks to see you, know you and hear you.  i... Continue Reading →

on relationships

"i don't know why i run away" is the hook from the song "save your tears for another day" by the weekend. when i first heard the song, i was drawn to the beat. looking closer at the lyrics, the hook grabbed my attention.  it took me back to an old crush. we were young,... Continue Reading →

birthday reflection

Yesterday during my birthday dinner with some friends, I reflected on how happy I am. The past two years have been really difficult, not just because of the pandemic. My loved one was incarcerated, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I found my spiritual mother deceased in her home, I lost some friendships, and I... Continue Reading →

dragon energy.

our anger and rage point towards pain and hurt.  they signal that something is not right. oftentimes what is not right is an injustice that we are experiencing, whether it be interpersonally, systemically, institutionally, politically and/or culturally. our dragon energy, what i'm calling anger and rage, invite us to sit with ourselves and explore the cause... Continue Reading →

when i first started my healing journey 10 years ago, facing my shadow or the undesirable parts of myself was one of the hardest parts of my journey. it was honestly the first time that i actually connected with myself for who i really am-- a flawed and imperfect human.  i came face-to-face with my... Continue Reading →

embodied love

I had the deep honor of co-facilitating a conversation on justice and healing with a group of dynamic humans who are detained at the Cook County Jail. Over the course of 4 virtual sessions, facilitators engaged in a rich dialogue with 10 men detained at the Cook County Department of Corrections. Using Lama Rod Owens’ text... Continue Reading →

there was a time in my life when i bought into the hype of finding my soulmate or that one person that was meant for me. now i'm in my 40s stumbling along as i figure out this weird AF place called dating. the questions and choices to consider are different at this stage of... Continue Reading →

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