They are Justice Seekers & Justice Doers

Over the past year & half, I have been managing Sunshine Enterprises’ partnership with Pathway to Enterprises for Returning Citizens. It’s a program that provides entrepreneurial training to formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs. 

Tonight, we gathered on the south side of Chicago to just have conversation & a meal! We engaged in thoughtful dialogue on what they are ALREADY doing to transform their lives, their families & their communities. We talked about their vision to grow their business mission. And, it’s not surprising to me that they lead with their heart to seek social change, knowing that the revenue will follow. 

What they are doing is partnering with other formerly incarcerated persons by providing employment opportunities, training, mentoring & building social capital. They are actively seeking their own personal & professional development in spite of the plethora of barriers they encounter, as a result of discriminatory reentry practices. 

These men & women are just a handful of formerly incarcerated persons that I personally know that are about the business of transforming lives & communities. 

They are justice seekers. They are justice doers!

I am thoroughly convinced that the myth that so-called “criminals” are lazy & unproductive is toxic discourse that merely keeps privileged individuals & communities blind, complicit & comfortable with the atrocities of mass incarceration. 

What those of us with privilege can do is share our privilege by partnering with our formerly incarcerated & directly impacted citizens.

I firmly believe that the hope for this nation will not come until justice is served to those individuals & communities directly impacted by mass incarceration.

Note: This post was first shared on Facebook on 12/18/2019. Photo was taken 2/2019 at the Fall 2018 PERC graduating ceremony at Sunshine Enterprises. These men and women were present at our monthly gatherings.

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