Learning to Trust Your Intuition

Growing up my parents taught me many valuable truths that have served me well as an adult. However, in my early 30s, as I began to confront & heal from the traumas that occurred as a young adult, one thing became clear: I wasn’t taught to trust my intuition, that knowing deep in your gut that always speaks truth.

In various ways & within various relationships, I was taught to doubt my intuition and deny its power. Some of these learnings are a result of how girls are socialized to perform their gender. Over the years, in doing my self-healing work in spiritual direction & therapy, I discovered that the common theme present in relationships & experiences that caused the most pain, disappointment & betrayal was the turning away from the guidance of my intuition. Now, I hold fast to my intuition even if I can’t fully explain what it is that it speaks about.

While retreating to the movie theater to refuel my introvert, I was reminded of these things & the handful of friendships where we encourage each other to trust our intuition.

The wisdom garnered: When in doubt, trust your gut, your intuition, that deep knowing that always speaks wordless truths. And always do it in love & with integrity.

#trustyourintuition #wisdom

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