This finally happened: my living room is also my home gym!
For the past year & half, I have been seriously struggling to maintain my commitment to fitness & wellness with an increasingly busy professional career along with academic studies. And, Chi winters certainly haven’t cultivated motivation to overcome the struggle. It has been rough to say the least.

Most that know me well, know that the gym & my yoga mat are my sanctuaries. They are places were I intentionally disconnect & tune into the Divine, recenter & re-energize. So, over the past several months, I’ve been building my home gym. And it’s finally complete! Shoutout to Contractors @callonjonas & DeRon for installing the pull-up bar.

I know I am not the only one struggling to balance life responsibilities with health & wellness goals. If you’re like me & there just isn’t enough hours in the day to hit the gym, checkout @bodyrockofficial, Sweatix BodyRock on Demand, grab a pull-up bar and assisted bands from Amazon & call a contractor like Jonas (especially if you’re in Chi) to mount that joint.
#lifeisgood #fitnessgoals #homegym

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