I’ve been really angry about things that demand anger. So, it’s not misplaced anger because there is certainly a lot of injustice to be angry about. And, I have without a doubt been carrying far more than my fair share of rage for far too long. Truth be told, I hadn’t realized how much anger... Continue Reading →


Over the past couple of weeks, I hadn’t been feeling well. And, it was an incredibly scary experience that demanded I pause to take inventory on how I care for my physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual & relational health. It finally came to a head last Sunday when I drove my shitty-insurance having self to Urgent... Continue Reading →

redeeming love

In thinking about the season of life that I find myself, I’ve wondered if this is my winning season, but that’s not an accurate description. It’s my Redemption Season!! I am experiencing the fruit of redemption. It was 1999. My freshman year of college. A junior, maybe a senior, Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sought me... Continue Reading →

angelic troublemakers

I pray with our ancestor Fr. Miguel d'Escoto his prayer over myself and all the other folks out their wrestling with anxiety as they be as Bayard Rustin called "Angelic Troublemakers"! "To free us from this fear, so that we can be real instruments of the Lord, capable of making a new world, a world... Continue Reading →

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