angelic troublemakers

I pray with our ancestor Fr. Miguel d’Escoto his prayer over myself and all the other folks out their wrestling with anxiety as they be as Bayard Rustin called “Angelic Troublemakers”!

“To free us from this fear, so that we can be real instruments of the Lord, capable of making a new world, a world of love and freedom, so that we can really live by this divine message of love, we first need personal liberation.  Unless we are free, we cannot be instruments of liberation for anyone else.  And what prevents us from being free? Anxiety.  Liberation is a problem which first begins within us, of not having any anxiety about the consequences.  We can have anxiety, but we must control this anxiety.  It is anxiety in the sense that we recognize the risk; otherwise it would be blind…. so we must pray that the Lord will liberate us from the fear of the consequences of doing his will [to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God]; that he will liberate us from fear of the cross [which is an instrument of State sanctioned violence, political power and social control, domination and subjugation of the “other” and what God uses to expose human social and individual sin]; that in the cross he will show us, not death, but an invitation to new life… May the Lord free us from paralyzing anxiety and ground us in this love, this passion for justice, this fire, for he said that he would bring fire which would be kindled in our hearts.  That is the fire of his divine transforming love which purifies us.” ~ Fr. Miguel d’Escoto in Dorothee Solle, Thinking About God: An introduction to Theology.

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