Over the past couple of weeks, I hadn’t been feeling well. And, it was an incredibly scary experience that demanded I pause to take inventory on how I care for my physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual & relational health.

It finally came to a head last Sunday when I drove my shitty-insurance having self to Urgent Care. It turned out, I don’t have cancer. Yes, I thought I had cancer. It was a virus, low immune system & an overload of interpersonal & professional stress prohibiting by body from healing. 
The doctor prescribed me a week of rest, meaning no work!

During my respite a few new & remembered lessons emerged through self-reflection while in conversation with God & in conversation with friends & authors:

  • Protect space: persons places & things shift energy. If they ain’t shifting good energy, it’s our duty to set a boundary that protects our energy & space.
  • Protect finiteness: I am (we) undoubtedly a finite creature. And rest is a gift that I (we) get to receive or reject.
  • Protect wholeness: I am my authentic self when I am both creating & learning through reading. If I am not reading & learning something new while also creating, I am not living into my true self!
  • Protect duende: I am a free spirit with larger than life energy. I love adventure. I love spontaneity. I love actualizing ideas! And, I have to cultivate the things I love.


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