I’ve been really angry about things that demand anger. So, it’s not misplaced anger because there is certainly a lot of injustice to be angry about. And, I have without a doubt been carrying far more than my fair share of rage for far too long. Truth be told, I hadn’t realized how much anger and rage I’d been dragging behind me until last week. 

It was a three day fast, three big bites of humble pie, and an incredible dose of love that broke my heart open.  The triplets that shattered my anger and rage made room for a healthy portion of Ubuntu to be received. Turning to the wisdom of Zora Neale Hurston: love made my soul crawl out from its hiding place.  In my crawling out, I met God in the interactions, gestures and expressions of a handful of beautiful humans.  I was reminded that gifts wear many disguises, not all gifts are material:

Thoughtfulness. Truth. Vulnerability. Restoration. Gentleness. Kindness. and Openness were the sacred and precious gifts that melted the rage and anger that surrounded my heart and reminded me that “I am because we are”–Ubuntu.

I am grateful for the handful of folks that shared their loving self with me. 
Thank you Rebecca MuWen for being you, and for reminding me that my superpower is my ability to be vulnerable to God’s audaciousness.

Thank you Theodore A. Thompsom for being you & for sharing your thoughtfulness & creativity with me. 


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