unapologetically, take care of you…

Spent the month of June tending to my own physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. Nurtured my physical health with yoga. Fed my spirit with spiritual wisdom from Barbara Essex, Brittney Cooper, Howard Thurman and Henri Nouwen. Recalibrated my weary spirit with silence, solitude, and prayer. Calmed my anxious thoughts with meditation, journaling and reflective contemplation. Delighted in the mundane task of preparing meals, grocery shopping, and house chores. Critically reflected on my purpose, mission & vocation to uncover if my self-interest, motives and activities are in alignment with my calling. Discerned and planned next steps as I transition from employee to independent consultant.

Spending the month of June to refresh my weary being was both a gift and a sacrifice. A gift that created space to recover from burnout while also being a sacrifice of time & monetary resources. You ain’t making money when you step out the game.

But, I had to step out of the grind of life to reorganize my inner resources so that I could step back into the grind, hopefully, being lighter, freer, wiser and more intentional, authentic & focused.

So many nuggets were gathered, but one is on replay as I embark on this new season of life:

Giving yourself what you need, in the season that you need it, so that you can flourish is an expression of giving and receiving self-love. The gifts you give yourself become gifts that you give your community.

Unapologetically, take care of you! The world around you will adjust.

Cheering you on…

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