I am sharing some of my trusted wellness resources that I use to care for my immune system in the best of times and the worst of times.  I got ’em from my mama!! She taught me and my younger brother and now her grand-babies, practices for partnering with our body to do what it does—heal itself!  

However, I am certainly not a healthcare practitioner and not opposed to driving my tail to the ER or to the doctor or to filling a prescription, and taking all of it as prescribed! 

These things are not in place of but along side other wellness practices such has lots of water, hand washing, and eliminating the spread of bacteria, which we all know about in of light COVID-19.  In that spirit, I’m sharing some immune boosting practices that I use regularly:

Garlic: I’ll drink it as a tea with lemon and honey or I’ll break it, let the garlic sit for 30 sec and swallow like I’m taking Advil. When my immune system is low, I’ll do one or both several times a day until I’m feeling better.  Thereafter, I take as needed for on going maintenance.

Honey: I’ll take a spoon of honey to help sooth my sore throat or cough.  Sometimes I make my mama’s garlic-honey syrup:  equal parts water and + whole garlic bulb & boil until it becomes a syrup. I’ll add oregano oil.  Then I take as I needed to boost my immune system and sooth a sore throat.  

Oregano oil: I’ll add a few drops to an empty capsule or gargle salt water bath.  If I’m not feeling well, I’ll increase my frequency.

Coconut Oil: I use this daily in my coffee and when I’m not feeling well, I take a spoon to sooth a sore throat or boost my immune system. Sometimes I’ll add Vitamin C.  

I’m always looking for new wellness practices or resources, so please feel free to add what you do in the comments!  

Please take care of yourself and those around you!

cheering you on…

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