onward through 2021

2021 should be a mandated global gap year!

2020 burnt me out.

I. Am. Not. Ready.

But I will show up for myself and my commitments, and others and community.

I’m not promising that folks will get my very best. But, I promise folks will get the very best of what I have in that moment. That might mean a sincere, “I don’t have it in me today, but we can try again tomorrow. Or, Iet me connect you to someone who is better positioned to support you!”

I’m throwing off grind culture.

I’m throwing off bootstrapping my way through the fatigue and exhaustion.

I’m throwing off mustering up enough of whatever is needed for fear that I’m not doing enough or not carrying enough.

As I mother myself through recovering from 2020 burnout, I am putting on








and understanding for myself, others and community.

That might mean a sincere, “Friend, take rest. Love on yourself today. Let’s try again tomorrow.”

That’s all.

Onward through 2021.

(first published on 1.1.2021)

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