a mother’s day reflection

As I was about to call my Mom yesterday morning to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, I received this picture via a text with the message, “My Mother’s Day breakfast, from my beautiful ❤️ granddaughters!!!!”! 

Grandma’s Mother’s Day breakfast in bed

Immediately after receiving the text, I obviously proceeded to call my Mom to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. As she was delighting in the thoughtfulness of this gift from her granddaughters, she tells me, “Everyday should be Mother’s Day.”  

She is right!

Honoring the motherly figures in our life with love, support, care and respect should be an everyday occurrence.  While I type this message, I know I fall short in this action. 

As I reflect on my Mom’s words, I offer deep gratitude to her and all the women in my life, who have mothered me in various ways.  I am grateful for the benevolent women ancestors who are still mothering me through memories and the lasting imprint they have left on my life, and the ways they are still guiding me.  I offer gratitude to myself for the ways in which I am committed to mothering me.

Sending love and light and warmth to all of the women who choose daily to show up and share motherly affection with themselves and others.  

I see you.  💕

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