in the transition

i’m now at the end of my thirty-day sabbatical from work. i return to work on june 1st. i’m so grateful that my beloved sister Erica Williams encouraged me take this time.

i needed it.

i was beyond burnt out.

during this time i meditated, i worked with healing crystals, i reflected, i traveled, i laughed, i cried, i worked out, i cooked meals, i sat in nature, i connected with friends and family, i read books, wrote, took baths, practiced tarot, yoga and so much more.

i also did a lot of internal reflection and examination. i’ve been in a perpetual cycle of responding to crisis to surviving crisis to moving through major life transitions to short periods of recovery only to repeat the cycle.

this is not sustainable.

the physical symptoms from this lifestyle are concerning to me–foggy brain, fatigue, low mood, stress, etc. i’ve been moving at this pace for the past decade. according to my naturalpathic doctor, i’ve been in a perpetual state of fight-or-flight. that is, my sympathetic nervous system is in a constant state of activation. my adrenal grand is suffering, impeding it’s ability to sustain my body through periods of stress.

while attending a yoga nidra workshop facilitated by tracee stanley, i learned about the importance of paying attention to what’s happening in the transition from inhaling to exhaling? as i’ve been paying attention to this transition, i’ve been noticing the transitions all around me.

life is filled with them.

what’s happening in the transition from conception to birth, or the transition from life to death or the transition from oppression to liberation or the transition from our old self to our new self. life is a constant cycle of death to rebirth. these transitions are eager to gift us wisdom, if we are willing to slow down and listen.

my sabbatical was my transition from an old way of being into a new way of being. i engaged in activities and relationships with an intention of moving from a place of abundance, not scarcity. i moved at a pace that felt soothing and relaxing to my own rhythm of breath and time. what i gave my time and attention to were rituals, not things to check off my self-care list. i was intentional to be present with myself and others. i honored my boundaries. i practiced radical honesty. i offered myself and others a lot if compassion. i chose to spend more time noticing my thoughts rather than engaging every thought.

i offered gratitude to my body for the ways it has sustained me through crisis and life transitions. i gave my body permission to return to a state of balance. i invited my body to join me in this new way of being. i stocked my cupboard with herbs and supplements to support my body in healing itself.

my experience is a shared experience with so many. many of us are living in this same perpetual cycle. as i prepare to emerge from the womb of my sabbatical, i offer these mantras as reminders that being rooted and grounded is a daily practice:

✨ We are always learning and relearning. be kind to ourselves and others.

✨ Our breath is our anchor.

✨ We are resourced with everything that we need to move through this moment.

✨ Our boundaries are an expression of our love for ourselves and others.

✨ We can always return to the meditation. (Meditation is the practice of returning to the meditation.)

what mantras keep you rooted and grounded?

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