the practice of pausing

There are times when we both give and receive funky energy. Sometimes we can explain why and at other times, we just cannot. The end result is the same, we end up draining ourselves and others. Sometimes we end up damaging our relationships. And, the only life-giving solution is a break from ourselves and others. Sometimes, we have to put ourselves in time out. I know I’ve been on both ends.

There is no shame or condemnation. We are human. And, humans are messy. Rather than responding with the practice of cancel/callout culture, we can invite an opportunity for transformation and restoration.

The more relevant question is are we aware enough of ourselves and our surroundings to notice our patterns and then offer ourselves what we need to restore ourselves to balance?

Intentionally creating time and space to pause between interactions and tasks is a practice of mindful awareness. Every time we pause with the intention of connecting, centering, and grounding ourselves in the moment, we are training our mind to be present.

Over time, we create greater capacity to notice before reacting. We create greater capacity to first turn inward and explore our inner life, asking questions of ourselves:

what do I need?

what am I feeling? And where in my body does this feeling(s) live?

how can I best honor my own humanity and the humanity of those around me?

what boundaries are being violated? what life-giving boundaries need to be established?

what is needed to return to a state of wholeness?

what does accountability look like for me and others?

These are just a few questions that I’ve learned to inquire of myself. How I respond reveals to me if whatever is before me is in line with my core values. And from this place of awareness and groundedness, I am able to react and respond in alignment with my core values and with soft and loving energy.

I don’t always get this process right, sometimes my reactive responses get the best of me. But, the practice of pausing is always available.

Every moment is an opportunity to start over.

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