gettin’ free

before my 30-day sabbatical, i wrote about needing a shift in lifestyle. since that time, i’ve been busy doing my internal work to get free and be happy. i evaluated how i invest my time and energy. i discovered that what i needed wasn’t a lifestyle change. i needed a change in perspective. i needed to step back and reevaluate my thought life.

it’s been an incredibly liberating process.

what i discovered is how often i evaluate my experiences and reactions from a scarcity mindset. i reframed them from a posture of abundance. i confronted areas of unresolved conflict and disappointment and past traumas.

i made peace with relationships i’ve outgrown, including parts of myself that i’ve outgrown.

i forgave wounds from past romantic relationships.

i identified patterns that no longer serve me on the path that I’m on.

i noticed my triggers and i named what i needed in order to be whole.

in the process, i realized i don’t want to look up in 10 years to realize that i sold myself short. i don’t want to be the stumbling block inhibiting me from actualizing the life i want to live and with whom i want to live it with.

so i set intentions and prioritized areas of my personal life that i cannot live without. those connections, relationships and experiences that my soul needs to breathe.

these are some simple but challenging practices that i’ve been incorporating into my life:

💫 being more honest about my capacities. before i say yes to something, i ask myself what am i saying no to.

💫 being more forthcoming about expressing what i’m feeling in the moment and what i need. i’m no longer repressing my voice to make others feel comfortable.

💫 being more intentional about practicing gratitude. sometimes this means i have to dig deep and sit with a past or present experience in order to cultivate gratitude.

💫 being unapologetic about not taking responsibility for other peoples stuff. everyone is responsible for doing their own internal work. if folks don’t want to do their work, i notice it, maneuver around it and keep it moving.

💫 being intentional about practicing patience. i’m learning to savor the pauses and transitions.

i cannot do this alone so i’ve invited some friends to join me on this leg of the journey. and i feel lighter and freer than i have in a really long time.

my cup is full with hope, love and warmth.

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