when i first started my healing journey 10 years ago, facing my shadow or the undesirable parts of myself was one of the hardest parts of my journey. it was honestly the first time that i actually connected with myself for who i really am-- a flawed and imperfect human.  i came face-to-face with my... Continue Reading →

embodied love

I had the deep honor of co-facilitating a conversation on justice and healing with a group of dynamic humans who are detained at the Cook County Jail. Over the course of 4 virtual sessions, facilitators engaged in a rich dialogue with 10 men detained at the Cook County Department of Corrections. Using Lama Rod Owens’ text... Continue Reading →

there was a time in my life when i bought into the hype of finding my soulmate or that one person that was meant for me. now i'm in my 40s stumbling along as i figure out this weird AF place called dating. the questions and choices to consider are different at this stage of... Continue Reading →

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