dragon energy.

our anger and rage point towards pain and hurt.  they signal that something is not right. oftentimes what is not right is an injustice that we are experiencing, whether it be interpersonally, systemically, institutionally, politically and/or culturally.

our dragon energy, what i’m calling anger and rage, invite us to sit with ourselves and explore the cause and/or root of our pain.  she is beautiful because she reminds us that we are precious and undeserving of injustice. our dragon energy doesn’t need to be feared or ignored but tended to and loved.  when we heal from that which causes us pain, we open ourselves to greater capacities to transmute our dragon energy into creating something beautiful…individual and social transformation.


practical ways to befriend your dragon energy:

💫therapy, there are place that offer sliding scale programs. 

💫 friends whom you trust and who know you well, and will offer wisdom and love.

💫 communion with God or/and ancestors.

💫 meditation, Love and Rage by Lama Rod Owen’s is an excellent text. 

💫 create something.

💫 body movement, workout/crossfit, dance, yoga, running, etc. 

💫 speak your truth in whatever form you need (verbal, written, art, music, difficult conversation, etc)…advocate for yourself and others.

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