on vulnerability

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine. Somehow the word vulnerability came up. It was probably me who mentioned that ridiculous word. I proceeded to say, “I hate vulnerability. It makes me want to barf in my mouth." Her response, “Me too.” As we laughed about our... Continue Reading →

lean into ritual

I went to bed with tightness in my chest and worry on my mind. I woke up this morning with ease and a lingering unsettledness in my gut. I took my time this morning, moving slowly and giving myself time to fully wake before beginning my day. As the morning moved on, the lingering feeling... Continue Reading →

a new year’s blessing

may this year bring you ease, joy unspeakable, and belly-aching-laughter.  i pray you encounter the types of relationships that invite your soul to crawl out from its hiding place and into the warmth of nurturing and nourishing friendships.  may this year bring you love that seeks to see you, know you and hear you.  i... Continue Reading →

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