I write as a mystic at the interplay of spiritual formation, personal transformation and social activism. I am most curious about discovering what God is up to in the most unlikely places–those murky places inside of ourselves and in society that we hide, deny and push to the margins. I believe that God is most visible at the margins of our interior lives and living amongst the most marginalized in society. 

I believe mysticism is an invitation to co-labor with God at the margins to usher in social and personal transformation that bears the fruit of justice.  I define justice as being in right or flourishing relationships with God, ourselves, others and community.  Curiosity guides how I approach mysticism, and these are a few core questions I ponder frequently:

  • God, where are you?
  • God, what’s the invitation? 
  • Self, who will you become in the process?
  • Self, how is your environment and decisions drawing you nearer to God and the purpose you’ve been called to be in the world?
  • How will justice be actualized within my relationship to self, others and community?

I am ultimately seeking to discover Wisdom at the intersection of life’s messiness and God’s redemption. I share my truth so that it might bring light, hope and encouragement to others as they lean into the messiness of their inner dark night or wilderness experiences. I write to inspire, to heal and to discover shared solidarity as we lean into the messiness together.

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