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Below are quotes that I frequently revisit for renewed inspiration or wisdom or grounding. They have become meditations of my heart. The Inspired Prayer practice was inspired by one of my dear friends. After reading the first quote she said, “I kinda let out a hmm and a sigh, similar to when I read really intuitive quotes that become kind of like a mediation. And it reminded me of breath prayers.” Shout out to dope friends who share great ideas and insights!

Curating the Breath Prayer and spiritual reading practice Lectico Divina, I invite you use the the below quotes to practice an Inspired Prayer. Breath Prayer is an ancient form of prayer that connects our breath with our prayer. It’s an opportunity to pause, breathe and connect to Divine. In this practice, you pray according to the rhythm of your breath such as [ inhale] God who Sees, [exhale] Sees me. Repeat multiple times. Lectico Davina comes from the Monastic tradition. It is a spiritual practice for reading and praying the scriptures as a way to cultivate deeper intimacy with God through spiritual reading. During this spiritual practice you follow the rhythms: read, meditate (reflect), pray (commune with God), contemplate (listen for God) and act (outward response).

Inspired Prayer Practice

Get comfortable. If you’re ready, to begin your practice, grab your journal and find a quote that resonates with you. (See below) Next, find a quiet location. Get comfortable in your body, i.e. stretch your arms, role you head from side to side, etc. Now find stillness in your body. Inhale for 5 counts. Exhale for 5 counts. Repeat twice.

Journal. Turn your awareness to God by inviting God to be present with you in this moment. Read your quote out loud or silently to yourself a few times and begin to mediate on the words. Allow yourself to sit with the words, explore the words, notice what words stand out to you, imagine what living those words would look like, examine what comes up for you in your mind, body and emotions. Journal what comes to mind for you. Then open yourself to what God might be speaking to you through the author.

Breath Prayer. When you are ready identify two words or phrases that stood out to you during mediation or from the quote–one to hold and one to release. On your inhale speak the word or phrase you want to hold and on your exhale speak the word or phrase you want to release. Repeat twice, using the same phrases/words or add something new. Close your practice by praying the quote and offering gratitude. Thank yourself for making time to be present to yourself and God. Thank God for all that you received during your breath practice.

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