gettin’ free

before my 30-day sabbatical, i wrote about needing a shift in lifestyle. since that time, i've been busy doing my internal work to get free and be happy. i evaluated how i invest my time and energy. i discovered that what i needed wasn't a lifestyle change. i needed a change in perspective. i needed... Continue Reading →

When I first heard about Naomi Osaka's brave decision to withdraw from the French Open, I couldn't help but recall my own battles with anxiety, social anxiety and depression. If at the age of 23, I had known myself as well as Osaka knows herself and what she needs to flourish, I would have saved... Continue Reading →

the practice of pausing

There are times when we both give and receive funky energy. Sometimes we can explain why and at other times, we just cannot. The end result is the same, we end up draining ourselves and others. Sometimes we end up damaging our relationships. And, the only life-giving solution is a break from ourselves and others.... Continue Reading →

in the transition

i'm now at the end of my thirty-day sabbatical from work. i return to work on june 1st. i'm so grateful that my beloved sister Erica Williams encouraged me take this time. i needed it. i was beyond burnt out. during this time i meditated, i worked with healing crystals, i reflected, i traveled, i... Continue Reading →

a mother’s day reflection

As I was about to call my Mom yesterday morning to wish her a Happy Mother's Day, I received this picture via a text with the message, "My Mother's Day breakfast, from my beautiful ❤️ granddaughters!!!!"!  Grandma's Mother's Day breakfast in bed Immediately after receiving the text, I obviously proceeded to call my Mom to wish her... Continue Reading →


Last night, after reading about Ma’Khia Bryant, I called my soon to be 15-year-old niece. Like me, she is an unapologetic, truth-telling, brown skinned, mixed-race, Black and Hispanic, who is sweeter than honey and radical about justice. I needed to see her beautiful brown skin. I needed to hear her sweet voice. I needed to... Continue Reading →

hold space for mystery

The red cardinal outside my kitchen window sat with me this morning. We had a cup of green tea. We admired the light of the sun peeking through the clouds. Before she bid me farewell, she drew near to me. She whispered, "Hold space for mystery". And then she disappeared into the clouds as if... Continue Reading →

on trauma responses

December 28, 2020 at 2:20 am marks about 48 hours of harassing, racist, sexist and intimidating texts and phone calls from who I assume was a white male nationalist.  How this man got ahold of my phone number, I have no idea.  What I do know is that he was not impressed with my works of justice... Continue Reading →

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