a practice: releasing 2020

It recently occurred to me that in addition to processing the multiplicity of overlapping crises that erupted in our personal lives, interpersonal lives, vocational lives, political lives and social lives during 2020, many of us will also be responding to and feeling the weight of the impact of the decisions we made in response to... Continue Reading →

onward through 2021

2021 should be a mandated global gap year! 2020 burnt me out. I. Am. Not. Ready. But I will show up for myself and my commitments, and others and community. I’m not promising that folks will get my very best. But, I promise folks will get the very best of what I have in that... Continue Reading →

keep going

Most people look at me and immediately think that I have always had my shit together. But, that is the furtherest from the truth. I spent most of my 20s spiraling out of control. Years of bootstrapping my way through unresolved traumas, eventually manifested into reckless and self-destructive ways of being. And, I was imploding... Continue Reading →

keep growing

I am not sure when exactly it all came to a head, but the climax occurred this week. For weeks, I had been observing some behavior patterns and responses happening in my interior life. The patterns that I was becoming hyper-aware of gave me pause. So, as this bright light in my interior life got... Continue Reading →

stay the course

In September, around the time that Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron denied the grand jury the option of holding the officers responsible for the unjust murder of Breonna Taylor accountable, I was overwhelmed with so much anger and cynicism. I was questioning. I was wondering if my works and commitments to justice-making mattered. In that... Continue Reading →

The Black Unicorn

“For folks on the inside, we call the world that place that exists beyond the prison walls. We talk about the world as being outside, beyond the prison gates. The whole world is out there. And we are not a part of that world.” —Yohance Lacour  These are the words of my dear friend Yohance, a... Continue Reading →

#georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter

An offering to all of those across the country, in Minneapolis and elsewhere, raising their voice in protest against the injustice of racism and violence. #georgefloyd A Litany for Survival by AUDRE LORDE For those of us who live at the shoreline standing upon the constant edges of decision crucial and alone for those of... Continue Reading →

reflecting on community

A sweet friend of mine nominated me to join the Life is Good Facebook challenge.  The task was to find joy in the midst of the chaos by posting 10 pictures for 10 days of things that give me joy with no explanation. I accepted the challenge.  As I was digging through old pictures, I found myself... Continue Reading →

reflecting on Good Friday

On Good Friday, I spent most of my day reflecting on the Cross, not just as a practice of tradition and ritual but because my spirit was weary. I read the Good Friday chapter in Seasons of Faith and Conscience: Explorations in Liturgical Direct Action. Kellerman, the author, reminds his reader that Jesus “goes up... Continue Reading →

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