lean into ritual

I went to bed with tightness in my chest and worry on my mind. I woke up this morning with ease and a lingering unsettledness in my gut. I took my time this morning, moving slowly and giving myself time to fully wake before beginning my day. As the morning moved on, the lingering feeling of unsettledness grew and grew and grew until it forced me to stop, and pay attention to what my body is communicating. 

I am scattered today.
My thoughts are pulling me in a million directions.
The long list of yummy and delicious projects that await me tomorrow are before me now. 
My breath is restricted.
Tightness in my chest.
My mind feels clouded. I am remembering nothing and everything all at the same time.
I am not in fight or flight but in freeze mode. 

What I am feeling in my body today is okay.

It’s a reminder that the holiday break is coming to an end. It’s an invitation to slow down and prepare myself for my return to the rhythm of work and life and responsibilities.

It’s time to lean into my rituals. 

Burn some Palo Santo and clear my space.
Light a candle, and call upon the wisdom and strength of my ancestors.
Gather my healing stones and journal.
Pray, read my Tarot and mediate.
Soak in an epsom salt bath with rose petals, lavender and neo-soul tunes. 

As you emerge from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, be gentle with yourself. 
Give yourself time. 
And treat yourself to something that soothes and grounds you! 


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